Hey mamas! Anyone else feel your clothes getting tighter as you navigate the weeks of pregnancy? As I’m heading into week 18 (with baby number 2), I’m already struggling to find clothing that fits me or, let’s face it – anything that eases the pains and strains of pregnancy. I barely leave the house aside from heading off to work because not only have I not been feeling well, none of my pants fit. Can I get an AMEN for leggings?! It’s such a struggle when I have to look presentable for work, too!

This is why Amazon Prime is currently my best friend. I don’t have to leave the house, I don’t have to zigzag through crowds of people or wait in long lines that extend from here to the West coast, I don’t have to put makeup on and I can shop right from my couch in my jammies, literally. Sounds like the perfect shopping trip to me.

Speaking of not leaving the couch and making life a HECK of a lot easier for you and  your loved ones, Amazon Baby registry now allows you to add items to your registry from literally ANY site. How freakin’ awesome is that? This allows your guests to make a one-stop purchase from their couch, too! Ahh Amazon is my fav. I wish I had known about this when I had three registries for my baby shower. (sigh)

And since nothing seems to be comfortable these days, I made a list of maternity/nursing gear you can find on Amazon that will make life that much easier for you.

Disclaimer: Although I am a part of the Amazon Affiliates program, in NO way am I sponsored by Amazon. I truly love finding products that I think you’ll enjoy with little to no effort when shopping.

Belly Bands – I absolutely love wearing belly bands! I wear them at work, when I go for a run, and around the house. Belly bands give your belly optimal support and allow you to wear your normal pants if you have an occasion that deems necessary for them.

Black Maternity Leggings – Jeans and pregnancy just didn’t work out for me. I even tried maternity jeans and absolutely hated how I looked in them. Most of the time, I opt for leggings. I feel like they can be dressed up or down, or with tennis shoes or tall boots. You know how leggings are uber comfortable and right when you get home you hop right into them? Maternity leggings are even better. The comfort level is simply unexplainable.

3/4 Sleeve Maternity T-Shirt Dress – Whether you’re dressing casual or trying to find tunics that you can double as professional work shirts, these are an essential to any outfit. I love when I can find shirts for any occasion. They are simple, yet have the ability to dress them up if need be.

Under Bump Maternity Panties – As the last few months of pregnancy roll around, everything, and I literally mean every piece of clothing gets tighter, unfortunately. These undies are so soft, they remind me of the seamless ones at Victoria’s Secret.

Snuggle Total Body Pillow – I’m pretty sure during my first pregnancy, I confessed my love affair for this pillow. I couldn’t sleep without it once I had it. Sleeping and fitting into my clothes are the biggest struggles during pregnancy. This pillow helped me sleep comfortably for the majority of my first pregnancy, so I have no reason to think it will disappoint me this time around.

Calvin Klein Bras – I know the high-end brands get a bad rep sometimes and seem super cliché, but hear me out. I purchased this Calvin Klein bra a few months ago and decided to give it a go. I figured if it was totally uncomfortable, my sister or one of my best friends would take it off my hands. The comfort level amazed me. The material is 90% cotton and SUPER soft. I barely feel like I’m wearing anything. However, these are not nursing bras.

Seamless Maternity to Nursing Bras – If you’re not about trying the Calvin Klein bras, here’s an alternative that is equally comfortable, but doubles as a nursing bra. The straps easily move to the side for when it’s time to nurse your baby. Simple, easy, comfortable, and soft – the ingredients for a perfect maternity/nursing bra.

Maternity Tank Tops – AHH, mamas, you have to try these maternity tank tops. They are a life saver if you’re all about comfort and material that hugs your growing belly. With my first pregnancy, I tried to get away with wearing my regular tank tops the whole time. Then I found these. The difference was in the stretchy material, giving a little bit more room for my belly to “breathe.”

Maternity and Nursing Cardigan – I personally don’t think you need a nursing cardigan, but I do think they are a ton more comfortable. This cardigan has a fold of extra material in the front for coverage while nursing and warmth during pregnancy. (Regular cardigans barely overlap in the front when you have a belly.) Regardless, it’s nice to have alternatives to comfort. Definitely going to be your number 1 priority when you’re carrying around a mini human.

3 in 1 Labor/Nursing/Hospital Gown – Anytime you see a “3-In-1” item, don’t you feel the need to check it out? I’m a sucker for easy items with multiple purposes. There’s even floral print gown options available too that are totally adorable.

Maternity and Nursing Hoodie – If I could have found a maternity/nursing hoodie my last pregnancy, I would’ve been in heaven. There just something about wearing a hooded sweatshirt, while still comfortable for pregnancy and accessible for when baby arrives and you’re nursing.

What maternity items have you found that give you optimal comfort and make your life during pregnancy just a tad easier?





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  1. I am currently 7 months pregnant with my first, due 11/3! This really helps! My clothes are definitely getting uncomfortable and I’m currently in that in between seasons stage, which makes deciding what to wear even more difficult. This gave me some great ideas for both pre and post pregnancy, thank you!

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