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I realized I’ve been a little quiet about how I’m doing over here while I’m hangin’ out mid-third trimester of my second pregnancy. (And boy, could I go on and on about how I’m doing.)

For starters, I’m now rolling out of bed, using my belly as a table, and nesting hard core. I’m looking forward to after the New Year because it will make February seem a wee bit closer once January hits. Although I LOVE Christmas, this was the first year I wasn’t disappointed to see it pass in the blink of an eye. There’s something about hitting the final months before your due date. It’s not the same as due date month, but it’s pretty darn close.

33 Week Pregnancy Bumpdate | Advice on Getting Through the Final Months - www.mamabearbliss.com

This second pregnancy is WAY different than my first. I am exhausted 24/7, I lack energy most of the time, my patience is not as persistent, and quite honestly… I feel like a beached whale. With Deklyn, I felt SO good. I rarely felt fatigued and somewhat enjoyed carrying around the extra 30 pounds; I didn’t feel any aches or pains with the growth.

This time, I feel all of it. It’s not pleasant, but 7 weeks is not too far away. It’s a great reminder to enjoy my people and appreciate my hubby for his teamwork, patience for my lack thereof, and his kind words on the harder days. Many nights, I look at him with puppy dog eyes and say, “Babe, you got her? I just want to lay down for a bit.” And most of those instances, he’s happy to scoop Deklyn up and get her ready for bed.

33 Week Pregnancy Bumpdate | Advice on Getting Through the Final Months - www.mamabearbliss.com

Here’s my advice on getting through the final months, pregnant mama friends:

Focus on the Present

The past is irrelevant (especially during pregnancy). It’s not that I don’t like growing a baby and feeling her little kicks, but it’s more exhausting than anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s especially hard when you’re chasing a toddler around. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. However, the final months of aches and pains may steal the joy away. You get to the point where you want your baby in your arms, once and for all. With that being said, I’ve told myself countless times to continue looking ahead. Give yourself a pep talk here or there. It surprisingly works, most mornings.

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Mamas – I know everybody is telling you to keep lathering that belly with lotions and oils, but that’s because it’s true – you should. The final months of pregnancy are the itchiest. Your belly grows the most in the third trimester. Moisturizing constantly has helped maintain skin elasticity, but also… my sanity. I use coconut oil and Bio Oil and I apply it 2-3 times every day. It works wonders!

Stay Hydrated!

95% of the time, you can find me with my Yeti in hand, or some sort of water bottle. It’s so important to stay hydrated during pregnancy, even if you have a lot of water weight or swelling. Water obviously helps flush your body out, but it’s even more essential when you’re growing a baby. Make sure you have a water bottle with you at all times. I love my Yeti, but these Contingo water bottles have worked awesome for me, too.

Rest When You Need It

I have such a hard time resting when I have a gazillion other things to get done, but I’m learning. I think a lot of pregnant mamas have this mindset. The other night I laid down around 7:30pm – I felt refreshed the next morning. That was a record for me. The best advice I can give is resting when you need it and communicating to those around you that you need a break. Your body needs rest more than ever right, so make sure you’re listening to what your body is telling you. PS if you don’t have a body pillow like this one, you need it. It keeps me the most comfortable.

Let Your Guard Down

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re not afraid to ask for help, don’t be so stubborn. We know you can do it yourself. We know you can clean the entire house spotless, run a bath for your toddler, and make supper – all at once. But hear me out – ask your significant other to help you. Don’t think because you are the mama that you have something to prove in doing it all. I’ve been there, done that and it’s not fun. Just ask for help! You will feel so much better when you do.

What advice do you have for getting through the final months?

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