Stress: the root of all evils. Stress effects your mood, behavior, attitude, thoughts and feelings. For so long, I remember becoming SO stressed to the point that I literally did not love myself. I was stressed about work, school, exams, bills, income, mother nature, self-image. Anything you could think of, I was stressed about. I stressed myself out to the point that I would get sick.

Stress has lasting effects on your physical and mental stability, before you even realize it. Stress can lead to mental issues, health problems, and essentially, your outlook on life. Finding a healthy way to cope with stress will ultimately allow yourself to shine through the cloudy days.

I’ve gathered a list of ways to reduce stress and live a more positive life, because, well… I’ve been there before. Keep in mind that what works for some, does not work for all. That’s why I’ve put together a huge list of ways you can move towards a stress-free life and mindset.

Stress can be debilitating, here are 50 ways to relieve or reduce stress and lower anxiety that take 30 minutes or less.

50 Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

  1. Go for a walk or run
  2. Start an exercise class (usually as low as $30/month)
  3. Read a book (since we’re talking healthy, I really like “Eat Pretty – Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out“, by Jolene Hart)
  4. Spend more time in the sun
  5. Lay out on a hammock
  6. Take a hot bubble bath with some delicious smelling bath bombs
  7. Collect inspirational quotes & hang on the refrigerator
  8. Paint a canvas or walls in a room in your house
  9. Write in a journal (this cute marble journal is my favorite)
  10. Purchase a cute yoga mat and practice yoga
  11. Stretch
  12. Deep, slow breathing (this may sound funny to you, but try it, it has worked for me many times)
  13. Disconnect from your phone and other devices for a certain time period, once each day (Ask my friends – I’m horrible at texting because I usually ignore my phone when I’m at home!)
  14. Make something crafty
  15. Turn on your favorite tunes & dance it out
  16. Do something nice for someone
  17. Buy yourself flowers to display in your home
  18. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure
  19. Cook something new (visit my Food page here)
  20. Bake a yummy dessert
  21. Meet up for coffee with a friend
  22. Take 30 minutes to yourself doing something you love
  23. Burn a candle (this vanilla cupcake Yankee candle is my favorite)
  24. Clean your house
  25. Write down and plan out new goals
  26. Eat a healthy snack
  27. Take pictures of something that makes you happy
  28. Drink a glass of water, tea, or coffee
  29. Go on a mini online shopping trip
  30. Remove yourself from drama
  31. Redecorate a room in your house
  32. Find a new hobby
  33. Take a power nap
  34. Plant some flowers
  35. Crank some music & clean out your vehicle
  36. Apply soothing, fresh smelling lotion (if you haven’t tried this Hempz lotion – it’s AMAZING and leaves your skin feeling super soft for days)
  37. Give yourself a facial
  38. Use essential oils
  39. Watch an inspirational movie, tv show, or YouTube video
  40. Organize & get rid of clutter
  41. Create an inspirational board on Pinterest
  42. Accept your flaws & be happy with how far you’ve come (avoid thinking about how far you have left to go)
  43. Color in an adult coloring book
  44. Change your posture (aim for a straight back)
  45. Reflect ONLY on positive thoughts & make a list
  46. Avoid stressful/negative people
  47. Cry it out. (How much better do you feel after you’ve sat in your car with the radio on and just let everything out?)
  48. Plant flowers
  49. Take pictures of things you love
  50. Call someone you trust

The most important thing to remember is to find something you truly enjoy; find what makes you happy. Try to remove yourself from negative situations and distance yourself from negative people. So cliché, but you really do have just one life to live. Why live the entirety of this life feeling unhappy?

We all have our days of struggles, stress, and overwhelming emotions. These days are bound to occur. However, you, and only you, have the choice to brush off the debris from yesterday and move forward to a positive today.

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