Okay, peeps. I’ve fallen in love with Amazon for two reasons:

1. Amazon Prime is the most convenient thing ever, especially if you’re a busy mama like myself. 2. You can find ANYTHING on Amazon. It’s like, heaven, for the avid online shopper (or addict), however you choose to disclaim your shopping habits. 🙂

Speaking of being able to find anything and quite literally, everything, I’ve found sooo many cute farmhouse decoration pieces for my home on Amazon. I love that it’s sent straight to my door step, too! (Always about convenience when I have little time to physically go shop anywhere).

Anywho… I was browsing Amazon for a few odds and ends we needed for our home. Then, all of sudden, half an hour later I find myself scrolling through the home décor collection and I realized just how MANY cute farmhouse decoration pieces there are, so naturally, I had to come on here and tell you all about them.

Affordable Farmhouse Decor on Amazon - Decorate your home with beautiful Farmhouse Decor on a Budget | www.mamabearbliss.com

Affordable Farmhouse Decor on Amazon

Throw Pillow

This. Throw. Pillow. I love how you can mix and match literally any bunch of throw pillows you want and it always looks nice. Not to mention, this throw pillow screams farmhouse décor.


For some reason or another, I’m always looking for baskets to fill my home with. I think it has something to do with finding places to store toys, diapers, blankets, fruit, mail, napkins, makeup, hair accessories, etc. Baskets like This One are versatile – you can use them for anything your heart pleases.

Cotton Stems

Is anyone freakishly obsessed with Joanna Gaines like I am? Well this, right here, is her style to a “T”. Don’t get me wrong, I love her style and I could pretty much drown in her home décor collection and be totally satisfied with life, but it IS a bit on the expensive side. I love that Amazon has something similar for half the price. These Cotton Stems would look amazing in the pottery pieces I have shown a few items below. 🙂

Large Wall Decor

Eeeeek, by now you’re probably catching on that I’m obsessed with anything rustic. How cute is this Metal Wall Piece? You could border it with picture frames, flowers in wall tin cans, purchase two and put them on each side of your TV, or just leave it by itself. The perfect addition to any wall.

Unique Pottery

Talk about beautiful pottery. Another item that’s most likely twice the price elsewhere. Gosh, do I love Amazon. These would be ideal for a fireplace mantel, floating shelves, or by your kitchen windowsill.


What a cute lantern candle. Anyone else obsessed with candles like I am? If you are, you have candles sitting every which way you turn. This little lantern candle holder could sit anywhere and look darling. For real. The best part? It’s on sale right now for under $5. Score!


Windmills are the picture perfect farmhouse decoration pieces. I remember being on my grandpa’s farm, finding myself frequently staring at the windmill in awe. There’s just something about rusty metal that throws your décor to the next level.

Entryway Bench

Okay, let me just announce my love for entryway benches and tables right now. I’m obsessed. I’ve been looking for the “perfect” one since moving into our house last November. This white bench will give your entryway a bright, cozy feel as soon as you walk through the door. I love it. It’s mine.

Bronzed Metal Pendant

This Industrial Metal Pendant is too cute to not share. It would be practical to install two above an island or even in a dining room area. A nice touch of farmhouse décor mixed with modern living.

What else have you found that works well for Farmhouse Décor? Where did you purchase it?

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