If you’re feeling the birth month struggles, I may just be riding that struggle bus with you. The last couple weeks of pregnancy seem like they are dragging by. You most likely can’t eat a full meal, any flight of stairs you climb sucks the little air you have out of you, you’re rolling out of bed like a beached whale, and your clothes clearly look like you stole them from a 12 year old. I feel you, mama.

During this second pregnancy, the third trimester has been especially hard finding clothing that’s comfortable and cute. Not only is my body going through physical changes, but drastic mental changes as well. I know first hand that having comfortable and stylish clothing makes the last few weeks a lot less miserable.

My best clothing advice during this stage in your pregnancy is to dress your bump in whatever way is most comfortable. It makes a world of a difference in how you feel and present yourself. I love finding non-maternity clothing that I can size up in, so that I can continue to wear it after my baby arrives. Here are some of my favorite non-maternity clothing finds that are super comfortable and fairly affordable.

*For reference on sizing: I am 5’9 – 5’10 in height. Pre-pregnancy weight fluctuates around 140, pregnancy weight is 174 (in most of the photos below.)

Comfortable Non-Maternity Clothing for the Pregnant Mama

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I was sent this beautiful Cleo Madison dress for my honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.

Cleo Madison Santorini Floral Dress

When Liz from Cleo Madison reached out to me about her modest clothing line, I was super excited to try out this beautiful 3/4 sleeve, knee length floral pattern dress. Although the clothing is not maternity, it’s a perfect fit for the expecting mama. The midline band tightens right below my bust and the ruffled material folds comfortably over my 38 week belly.

I love how the floral pattern blends perfectly with the soft lavender base color in the dress. The material is theĀ softest I’ve worn in a long time. I wish you could reach through the screen and feel the buttery softness of the material. To be quite honest, the soft polyester (95%) and spandex (5%) material is super comfortable against my constant stretching and itchy belly. Trust me, material makes the world of a difference when shopping for clothing to dress your bump.

Another thing I loved about this Cleo Madison Santorini Floral dress is that it was long enough to wear no matter what trimester you’re in. Many times, you order a maternity dress and it’s very fitted, which means the dress loses essential space as you advance into your pregnancy. Even though this dress isn’t maternity, I’m wearing it at almost 38 weeks. And it fits me amazing!

I’m excited to continue wearing this dress even after my pregnancy is over and I transition into normal clothes. (yay!) When I return back to work, I can see myself wearing this dress a ton since I’ll be pumping frequently and the collar is high and modest.

It’s a versatile dress, so you could pair it with a long necklace or keep it simple. I wore it with short boots, but it would also be cute with sandals once the weather gets warmer. (If you live in a cold midwestern state, like I do. Wisconsin winters at its finest right now.)

Simple Flowy Black T-shirt Dress

I’ve been wearing this simple flowy black t-shirt dress my entire pregnancy. I bought it in the early weeks of my pregnancy and have worn it ever since. The cotton material is super stretchy and fitted throughout my bust and arms, then transitions to flowy right below the bust line. This makes for a comfortable fit, no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy. I purchased mine from Amazon. You can find it here.

With my first pregnancy, I did the same thing – found non-maternity clothing that would fit me well after my pregnancy was over. What I love is that it will fit similar to what it fits like the weeks leading up to labor. The possibilities are endless when styling a simple dress like this one. I alternate with pairing the dress with big fluffy scarves, long simple necklaces, short statement necklaces, short boots, tall boots, leggings, etc. You can never go wrong with basic non-maternity tops and dresses. If you can find pieces that are long enough, you’ll be able to wear them during and after pregnancy.

Shop this photo:
Black T-Shirt Dress
White Infinity Scarf
TheNorthFace Vest (I don’t see the cream color on here, but there are similar light colors)
Breckelles Outlaw Boots in Beige

What comfortable non-maternity clothing worked for you?! Drop the link in the comments below!

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