When I started learning more about the power of using Pinterest for business, the possibilities for growth were evident… and endless. Pinterest is an amazing search engine that can flood your website with tons of traffic and help you grow your email list.

When I first signed up for an account and started out on Pinterest, I used it solely for collecting beautiful images in board titles like My Future House, Hair, Nails & Makeup, My Dream Closet, My Future Wedding, and Beautiful Places to Travel. Don’t get me wrong – Pinterest is dreamy. I’ve spent my fair share of time pinning my future life. But, the truth is in order to find success in using Pinterest, there are some strategic guidelines to follow.

Like I said previously, Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform. Basically, this means that its mechanics and algorithm is most similar to Google, not Instagram or Facebook. Most people searching Pinterest want an answer to what they’re looking for immediately OR they want to fill up their boards with topics that interest them. Pinterest is a free tool generally used for specific searches.

Viewing Pinterest as the search engine that it is rather than a social media platform has opened my eyes to growth and opportunity. Pinterest has allowed me to generate nearly 327,000 views each and every month.

How I Get 327K Pinterest Views Each Month | www.mamabearbliss.com

In order to see these results, I set a strategic plan in place. The crazy part? I spent very little effort on my Pinterest game plan. In fact, I spent maybe 45 minutes to an hour each week.

If you’re struggling to get views on your Pinterest that organically and directly transfer to blog views (and revenue), I’m going to let you in on a few secrets that helped me up my Pinterest game A TON.

1. Add a Profile Description

Adding a profile description, along with board and pin descriptions, gives people an idea of who you are, what you do, and why they should value your content and what you have to offer them.

Adding descriptions builds trust with your followers and those stumbling upon your profile. It takes roughly three seconds for someone to decide if they are interested in you and what you do, just by your profile picture and profile description. So make sure you’re writing something worthy that makes you stand out of the crowd! This is where you should sell yourself. Tell each and every person that comes across your profile why and how you can help them. Give them a reason to want to read and learn more about you.

2. Create Great Pins with Quality Images

This is SO important! Good images are what attracts people to your pins. You want your pin to stand out enough for people to stop scrolling. Using pixelated, fuzzy, or poor quality images is not going to get you anywhere. Think about what images are appealing to YOUR eyes, strive to create pins that resemble the same quality. If you wouldn’t repin the image you just created, start over and try again.

Alter the pin as much as you have to in order to feel content. There is beauty in change. Quality > Quantity. Take your time. Sometimes simplicity is key.

The mixture of fonts you use will have great impact, as well. The general rule of thumb is using two different fonts. The reason for this is because it’s more appealing. Change the color of one of the font families, like this one shown below.

*Side note: long pins are generally the preferred pin length. Medium sized pins are OK, but the longer the pin, the better.

3. Pin Daily – Start Using Tailwind

I gained nearly 300,000 monthly viewers in the past TWO months. Yes, you read that right… TWO MONTHS… because I was pinning, literally, all day long! Tailwind is a Pinterest automation scheduler. It gives you suggested times to schedule pins for each day of the week. Easy peesy! My favorite part about Tailwind? I only spend about an hour each Sunday on scheduling my pins for the ENTIRE week.

Pinterest rewards active pinners, meaning they push your pin higher up in the search rank the more you pin. You want to maintain your presence on Pinterest so that your pins are valued and recognized. Once Pinterest recognizes that you are an active pinner, your pins will be recommended to similar users, which means you are doing nothing while your pins are being shown to people of the same interests as you.

On Tailwind, you can make board lists so that one single pin can be saved to multiple group boards with just one click. I would not have increased my Pinterest views had it not been for Tailwind.

If you’re interested in automating your Pinterest (and quite frankly your life), here’s a FREE month of Tailwind just for YOU!

4. Use Keywords

Without mindful and useful keywords, you will simply not show up in the search. To get your pins to show up at the top of the search, you must use relevant, SEO-friendly keywords and receive a significant amount of repins.There are thousands of people on Pinterest searching for the content you are pinning. You just have to get your pin in front of them so they can see it, follow the link to your blog, and repin it.

Keywords should be placed in your pin description, board descriptions, and your profile bio. I know that seems like a lot of locations, but there are tools to help you figure out what keywords to utilize in a little amount of time.

The Pinterest search bar is a great place to start finding relevant keywords. Let’s say you’re pinning DIY Kitchen Cabinets. Type this into the search bar. The words that pop up underneath the search bar are the most popular keywords used when searching with those keywords.

(Side note: if you need some actual inspiration to revamp your kitchen cabinets, here is my step-by-step guide to paint your kitchen cabinets for under $200! You can see it here.)

Utilizing these searched keywords will be your FREE gold mine for rich SEO content and traffic growth towards your blog.

5. Join Group Pinterest Boards

Pinterest group boards have changed my life when it comes to increasing repins and growing my blog traffic. Let’s say one group board has 10,000 followers. That is 10,000 chances (or more depending on how many boards they choose to repin to) for your pin to be seen! Not only are you increasing your chances of Pinterest users to see your pin, but you’re increasing the likeliness that their followers will see that pin, too. Now, think of how many impressions you’ll receive if you join multiple group boards and pin in them daily. I currently belong to 33 group boards!

The biggest piece of advice I can give to you about group boards is: 1. Read the directions and follow them. If you don’t, the administrator has no problem deleting you from the group. And, 2. Pin daily in these boards. They are available to you to create a supportive community and grow your traffic.

6. Pin Relevant Content

This is where you decide who you’re pinning for. Is it for yourself and your own interests? Or is it for your audience? The crazy part about using Pinterest to leverage your business and blog traffic is that you shouldn’t be pinning for your own interests – when you’re pinning, think about your audience and the reasons they are interested in your blog.

If your boards and pins are a bit of a disconnect from your blog topic and your profile description, then you may want to give your entire profile a little TLC. When people land on your profile, you want to create trust instantly. You want them to know what you’re all about… right away. It shouldn’t even be a question.

For example: if your blog is about gardening and recipes, you shouldn’t be pinning about makeup or toddler crafts. If you blog about blogging, business, or marketing, you shouldn’t have board titles like Makeup, My Closet, Xmas Décor. Create that trust immediately and let people know the topics you blog about and how you can help or be of value to them.

Ready to clean up your Pinterest account and drive TONS of traffic to your blog? Let’s do this thing!

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