As we’re rounding the 39 week pregnancy mark, I’m doing some MAJOR nesting. This includes deep cleaning most parts of the house and double-checking that we have everything in place for baby’s arrival.

It’s crazy how fast the time flies by. I didn’t think this pregnancy passed quickly until we hit the final weeks. Now we are in full nest mode and expecting our second baby girl any day now!

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Newborn Must-Haves

The perfect newborn must-haves guide for new moms. Here is the best checklist for essential newborn items and baby products to list on your new mom survival guide. |

Rock N’ Play

This was the one product that’s an absolute game changer. (Which is also why I listed it first and foremost.) For our first born, I couldn’t imagine not having our Rock N’ Play. I love that we can transfer it from room to room. We didn’t even purchase a bassinet because we loved the Rock N’ Play so much. I’m excited for the convenience of this for our second baby.

Baby Swing

Another item that saved my sanity was a baby swing. It was always nice to buckle our daughter in, so I could run to the bathroom or grab something from the kitchen quick. Constant movement usually soothes a newborn, so having another option to holding your baby 24/7 allowed me to rest, when needed.

Ergnomic Baby Carrier

I know so many people tell you to rest when baby rests and to forget about any household chores that stare you in the face, but that’s just not my personality. I enjoy having a clean house and having most things in place as much as possible, so having a baby carrier that was comfortable and supported my newborn in all the right places was SO nice. I could place my baby in the carrier and pick up the house while she slept. It was a win-win for both of us. I suggest getting a carrier that converts into different sizing as your baby gets older, so you don’t have to continue purchasing a new one for each stage of life.

Zip-Up Pajamas

When you bring your baby home, you’re going to want a stock of zip-up footie pajamas. Changing your newborn during those midnight feeds won’t seem so hectic. Plus, who wants to deal with button ups anyway? So many times you’ll catch yourself in a zombie-like state trying to dress your baby after a diaper change. The zip-ups make life all the more easier. Trust a second time mom whose obsessed with making motherhood as easy as possible. šŸ™‚

Boppy Pillow

If you’re a nursing mama, the boppy pillow is great to have during feeding times for both yours and your baby’s comfort. I love that it gives extra support so you aren’t bending over in an uncomfortable position the entire time your’e nursing. Our guests like the boppy pillow simply for holding baby, so it’s definitely one of those multi-purpose products that everyone loves.

Swaddle Blankets

My favorite swaddle blankets are the ones that are easy aka velcro ones. (I mean, hey mamas we need this stage to be as easy as possible, am I right?) The most convenient swaddle blankets I’ve found are these adjustable ones here.

And although I LOVE convenient products, especially with a newborn in the house, I really like these muslin swaddle blankets. The fabric is as soft as butter and there’s nothing better than cuddling up in a super soft blanket, so I’d imagine our babies enjoy that same feeling too.


We recently discovered Mumbelli when they reached out to me last month. With our first born, we didn’t have anything like this, so I was really excited to receive our Mumbelli for our second baby. It’s an infant bed that cradles baby like the womb. It’s completely portable and super lightweight, which is perfect for the mama that’s constantly chasing after a toddler. It definitely gives you peace of mind as your newborn sleeps to have a newborn bed that soothes them like they were in your womb. It has an adjustable piece as baby gains gains weight in the coming months.

The perfect newborn must-haves guide for new moms. Here is the best checklist for essential newborn items and baby products to list on your new mom survival guide. |

Baby Nail Clipper

To many people’s surprise, a lot of baby’s come out with super long, wicked nails. I remember thinking to myself when we had our first born, “I just clipped your nails a few days, how do they grow so quickly??” Motherhood will surprise you in SO many ways.

Baby thermometer

Obviously, it’s important to keep an eye out on anything that seems abnormal. I highly suggest always having a baby thermometer on hand, I even kept an extra in our diaper bag at all times. When it comes to newborn essentials, if never hurts to have double of anything!

Bottle Drying Rack

If you’re a working mama and planning on going back to work after your little babe is born, whether you’re a breastfeeding or bottle-feeding mom, your daycare provider will be giving bottles to your baby. I couldn’t believe how much easier it was when we purchased a drying rack for bottles. A product so inexpensive, yet so helpful in our day-to-day life.

These were the major items that helped make my life a whole lot easier during the newborn stage. I couldn’t imagine life without them some days, so I wanted to provide my list of newborn must-haves for you, too! What other items helped you incredibly during this time?

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