Most mamas go through a “nesting” period in their pregnancy, where they diligently clean and prepare everything in the house before baby’s arrival. We’re washing all of baby’s clothes, wiping down and organizing the entire nursery, stocking up on diapers every chance we get, and cleaning the whole house spotless – literally from top to bottom.

In preparation for our baby’s arrival, we not only need to stock up on all of baby’s necessities, but we need to ensure the rest of our house will be functioning properly when we arrive home from the hospital. Not to mention, you don’t want to run out of household staples while you’re trying to get the hang of being a mommy and tending to the needs of your little one. Make sure you stock up on the following items so you don’t have to worry about running out of anything important or leaving the house with your newborn baby!

Avoid leaving the house with your newborn baby by stocking up on these household items before your baby's arrival. Newborn | Pregnancy | Preparing for Baby | Motherhood | New Mom

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Nothing is more frightening than running out of batteries for your Rock n’ Play in the middle of the night. Been there, done that. I suggest other mamas stock up on batteries to skip the heartache (and catch up on more sleep).

Cleaning Supplies

Although the first few weeks you won’t be cleaning much around the house, you’ll want to stock up on cleaning supplies. When you have a baby, there’s always something to clean. Whether you’re wiping down the changing table or cleaning off the counter top, quick cleaning supplies will come in handy.

  • Clorox disinfecting wipes – Want to clean up without spraying everything down and using up a bunch of paper towels? That’s what Clorox wipes are made for. They’ll become your best friend throughout motherhood.

  • Multi-purpose cleaning spray – Whether it’s those leftovers of quick snacks, supper crumbs, or drips of breastmilk, you’re bound to be cleaning counters. I always purchase a multi-purpose cleaning spray so I can use it on anything and everything. I LOVE Meyer’s Clean Day Spray in lavender. It makes my entire house smell amazing! Finding multi-use products to use will save your life during motherhood.

  • Paper towels – For all the cleaning you’ll be doing instead of sleeping. 🙂 That’s totally what I did with my first born, but I’m guessing this time around I’ll be trying to catch up on more sleep with a toddler and a newborn in the mix. Either way, paper towels are just good to stock up on for multiple purposes.

  • Sponges – Just in case your frail/old sponge decides to croak right in the middle of the day when your newborn is napping and you’re trying to catch up on household duties that you’ve pushed off for far too long. 

Laundry Detergent

It seems like laundry detergent lasts forever… until your baby is out of onesies and you’ve suddenly completely run out. Plus, it’s safe to say that if you weren’t doing butt loads of laundry before, you will be now. Being mama to a newborn comes with an endless supply of laundry that needs to be done. It’s literally never-ending.

Paper Plates/ Plastic Utensils

This is a great way to skip the dishes. I didn’t have any desire to do the dishes for the first month of postpartum. Make it easier on yourself and just buy even a set of paper plates and plastic utensils.

Postpartum Essentials

For my first baby, I had a postpartum essentials basket ready underneath my bathroom sink for when I arrived home. I highly recommend reading my list of Postpartum Essentials (You’ll Actually Use) to put together a self-care basket.Postpartum Essentials (That You'll Actually Use!) - Items for your postpartum kit, care, and recovery. |

Breastfeeding Supplies

If you plan on breastfeeding, I would stockpile the supplies you’ll need.The worst thing ever is running out of breastfeeding supplies when you’ve just pumped.

I absolutely hated running out of breast pads. I felt bare without them and would often end up leaking all over if I didn’t have pads in. This time around I’m going the reusable breast pad route, but I am also going to keep a box of disposable breast pads in my breastfeeding supply cupboard.

Trust me, you won’t want to run out of nipple cream. Stock up at least by the packs of 2 – one to keep at home and one to keep in your breast pump bag. That’s what I did with my first baby and it saved me from a lot of pain. I really like (and only used) the Lansinoh Lanolin cream, but I do know there are a few others out there that are equally as good.

With my first child, I thought, “I should be good with two nursing tanks!” Wrong. I wish I would’ve purchased more right from the get-go. So, this time around I’m purchasing these nursing tanks off Amazon. They come in a pack of two and they’re reasonably priced out of all of the nursing tanks I’ve browsed.

  • Extra Pumping Bottles

This is something I never even thought about when I was breastfeeding my first daughter. I assumed the amount of bottles that I received in my breast pump bag would be enough. Wrong again, Erin. 🙂 If you have a Medela pump like I do, I purchased these extra 8oz. breast pump bottles here.

Again, just stock up. I wish I had done this, especially with my breastfeeding supplies. It never hurts to have spare parts!

Toilet Paper

The last thing you want to run out of during the first couple weeks at home with your newborn is toilet paper. You’ll go through toilet paper like crazy, especially with guests bombarding your house. Toilet paper never goes bad, so I always stock up anyway!

An Endless Supply of Snacks

I breastfed with my first-born and felt like because of it, I was ALWAYS hungry. I was always in the kitchen looking for snacks – after breakfast, before and after lunch, and even midnight snacks. Every time I’d open the pantry, I’d stare blankly. I never felt like we had enough snacks to last me through a full week. I’ve already started stocking up for our second baby’s arrival!

Here are some of my favorite (and super convenient) postpartum snacks:

Mamas – what am I forgetting to stockpile for non-baby items? Comment below so that I can add to this list for new mamas looking to stock-up before baby arrives!

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