If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know I’m a huge fan of Target. I love that I can make one trip, to one store, to purchase everything on my shopping list! When I need a variety of items, Target is my go-to. I can find anything from clothing to groceries to other cute knick-knacks for my daughter that I can’t possibly pass up throwing in my cart. It’s ridiculous how many “extras” I have by the time I hit the check-out.

Even though I’ve walked up and down every aisle at Target (more than a couple times), I never noticed their PillowFort brand. It wasn’t until after we started receiving gifts for our daughter’s birthday that I was aware of this adorable collection. Before I knew it, Deklyn’s room was decorated in tons of cute PillowFort pieces. And I’m not disappointed about it. 🙂

Girl Nursery
First and foremost – the PillowFort teepee… OMG! She received it as a present from her grandparents for her first birthday. We had a “Wild One” themed party for her, so the tent was set up by the entrance for our guests to place the presents they brought. It kept the little ones from tearing into the presents, but made for a cute placement instead of a bland card tablePillowFort Collection

What I absolutely love about Deklyn’s teepee is that she has somewhere to call her own in our living room. We keep most of her stuffed animal friends seated along the inside walls of the tent for good company. It doesn’t take up too much room and it’s a perfect lounge area for our little babe. It’s actually 30% off right now!

PillowFort Collection

This collection is seriously too cute to not fall in love with. I’m probably more obsessed with it than she is, but whatevs.

They have everything from bedding to wall pieces to stuffed animals… Score. It’s a modern collection with a touch of pastels and neutrals. I’m a huge fan of both. I feel like a little girl naturally likes color because it’s fun, exciting and bright. The pastel arrows add just the right touch of color to Dek’s room. Kind of a fan of arrow anything, so hey, why not.


I do have to say – her princess crown lamp during bedtime was a huge success. It helps her fall asleep and has multiple settings so when we lay Deklyn down, the light automatically turns on and stays on for just 4 hours (I know I’d forget about it otherwise). I initially turned the light on at 7:30 pm, so now every night, the light is on from 7:30 – 11:30 pm. As long as you don’t turn the light off, it’ll pop on and off at the same time every night. Super convenient for us busy mamas! You can check it out here.

And, uh, what little kid doesn’t love stuffed animals? This little unicorn is flipping adorable. Even though we have a ton already as it is, this cute little guy is technically considered a “throw pillow.” I love that the material is a super duper soft cotton. It’s hair is a twisted sparkle – totally adorbs for something your mini human can snuggle with during nap time (or at least that’s what Deklyn loves it for).

PillowFort Collection

How cute is this PillowFort sleeping bag? By the looks of it, Deklyn approves. We keep it in the living room on her mini Paw Patrol couch and she cuddles right in while watching Mickey Mouse on our lounge days. This sleeping bag is soooo fluffy. You better bet your buns I tested it out myself LOL. Most sleeping bags I’ve come across are bland and not exciting at all, so I love finding pretty patterns like this one.

Girl Nursery

We even got this Circo baby blanket in the ZZZ’s pattern (that’s literally the name of it). Softest. Baby. Blanket. Ever.

Adding to our PillowFort collection:

This adorable tassel bed canopy – a little touch of heaven for above the crib. A simple piece with a bold statement. I’m actually getting this to add something to all the blank space that seems to be never-ending leading up to the ceiling. 

A couple of these adorable cream colored decorative baskets for Deklyn’s toys. I want something prettier than the ugly plastic bins we currently use to store toys.

The only furniture we have in Deklyn’s room right now is her crib. I think I’ve decided this modern night stand would go well with the rest of her room, but it’s something she’d be able to use as she ages. I feel like this one drawer nightstand will never go out of style. It’s simple and elegant – perfect for a little girl’s dream room.

What other brands/collections do you like? I’m always looking for new, cute pieces to add to Dek’s room! (and my own) 🙂

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