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My whole family loved this salsa! I’ve found so many recipes on Pinterest that, after making and tasting them, I realized it contained too much of this or that ingredient. I actually canned three jars before finding the correct amount of each ingredient, but it was well worth every minute spent.

The BEST Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

After searching high and low, I stopped attempting to stumble across the perfect recipe and decided to test out my own salsa-making abilities to create a unique recipe to call my own. Really though, how fun is it to whip some ingredients together and test the odds.

The BEST Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

I’m not going to lie, my first batch of salsa was SUPER spicy. Don’t make the mistake I did, I added TWO serrano chile peppers instead of one. Bad choice. I also kept the seeds in one of them; another bad choice. I will say, however, most of my family enjoys spicy food, so I won’t worry about it not being eaten. 🙂 Plus, we love food. We’re not picky eaters, what-so-ever.

My heart is so happy when I have a special helper, too – my 9-year-old sister, Hallie. She absolutely loves cooking and baking anything. When I began gathering the ingredients and explaining to her what I was making, she instantly joined in. We started at 8:30 PM and she stuck by side until roughly 10:15 PM when we finished, regardless of how tired she became. At one point, when our sauce maker kept clogging, she turned to me and said, “Bear, don’t you love making stuff? I love helping you.” (Ah, crying emoji.)

The BEST Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

I cut the tomatoes, onion, garlic, and cilantro; Hallie put all the ingredients into bowls, added the spices and lime juice, then blended them for me. She was a HUGE help and great company! So, if little ones, siblings, cousins or even the children you babysit want to help – let them! It may surprise you how helpful the little people can be.

I personally love heading to the local farmer’s market during the summer (Peck’s is the closest one for us), so this recipe includes all fresh veggies, but if it’s more convenient for you feel free to use canned tomatoes. Two cans of diced tomatoes would be equivalent (or close) to the three medium-sized tomatoes I used.

The BEST Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

The remaining ingredients include a few spices, juice from one lime, one garlic clove, one-half cup of cilantro, one serrano chile and one-half of a red onion. You may substitute the lime for two tablespoons of bottled lime juice. Red onions are mostly used in non-cooked foods because it’s a sweeter taste than white onions, but if that’s all you have available, don’t let that stop you!

The BEST Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe

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I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead!

The BEST Fresh Tomato Salsa - Super easy, super healthy salsa recipe conveniently made in a blender. |

Serving: 1 – 16 oz. mason jar

Prep. Time: 25 minutes


  • 3 medium-sized tomatoes
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1/2 green pepper
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 serrano chile pepper
  • 1 lime
  • 1/2 c. cilantro
  • Pinch of dried oregano
  • Pinch of ground cumin
  • Pinch of salt


  1. Roughly chop your tomatoes, onion, green pepper, and chile. Be extremely cautious with the serrano chile pepper, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth area. It may be smart to cover your hands or only touch the outside of the pepper. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before continuing. The seeds are the spiciest part of the pepper, so if you prefer the salsa to be spicy, add a couple more seeds.
  2. For this step, you may use a food processor, blender (on “dice” or “chop” mode), or a Sauce Maker, as I did. Place all the ingredients in Step 1 into the appliance and pulse enough to dice into smaller pieces.
  3. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice of both halves into the mixture. Add the oregano, ground cumin and salt.
  4. Serve with chips or use as a topping for other foods, such as omelets or tacos.


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  1. Make some pepper jelly! So great with cream cheese and crackers… Spicy, sweet, or both…. first preserve, first time working with pectin, first thing I ever canned on my own.

  2. Awesome Erin!!! How about a Peach salsa, Newmans is the best to buy at a store… But a homemade one would be great!!!

  3. This is awesome Erin. I love blogs. 🙂 And I’d love any canning recipes for spaghetti sauce or garden food!

  4. You are really talented! I have never canned myself, but always loved canning salsa and sloppy Joe sauce with my mom growing up!

  5. We love salsa! Will have to give this recipe a try, sounds delish 🙂 A canned green bean recipe would be great!

  6. With me being Erins dad I can honestly say, I’m not a big salsa fan but the salsa she made is as good as the pictures look,Erin has always been a good baker and cook,but the Ball Freshtech harvestpro sauce maker has only made her better!!

  7. I’d love a good recipe for for canned peaches! Grandma’s were the best and haven’t been able to enjoy any since she passed, and I don’t think she ever kept a recipe.

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