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I’m guessing you’re here because you’re prepping for your little bundle of joy on the way. It’s such an exciting time. I remember (not too long ago) creating an account for my baby registry and curating it according to what we had and what we still needed. In the midst of adding items, I vividly remember thinking, “HOLY moly, this baby needs A LOT of stuff still.” 

Honestly though, your newborn does not need quite a few of the popular items you probably put on your baby registry. There are so many baby products on the market, which makes it incredibly hard to decipher the ones you actually need from the ones you don’t. After all, how is a first-time mom supposed to know what items she really needs and which ones are useless with good marketing tactics?

Truthfully, I ended up with tons of items I never used. Were they cute and was I excited about them? Yep. Were they useful and did I take them out of their packaging? Nope. To save you the hassle of getting useless items that will clutter your baby’s closet space, I’m telling you the baby registry must-haves and the items that you don’t really need.

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Alright, every baby needs a crib or some sort of bed, whether you co-sleep right away or not. I highly suggest finding a convertible crib so you don’t have to purchase a crib and a toddler bed. It’s all in one and WAY less hassle. The one that we have here, converts 5 ways – toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed. Then it has pieces that are sold separately for a toddler guardrail, stabilizer, and full-size rail.


The amount of nights you’ll spend half asleep with your precious screaming monster sweet angel, you’ll want to make sure you have a rocker/recliner. We have this one, which is just a basic rocker and footstool. We’ve actually been wanting an upgrade for awhile so we are looking at a big, comfy recliner – like this one here. With our first born, we used our rocker constantly, so we are looking into upgrading into something that’s going to be even more comfortable for us.

Infant Car Seat

You’ll obviously need a car seat. We have the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 (wow that’s a mouthful). I’m sure any infant car seat works well, but make sure you read up on the safety ratings and reviews before purchasing.

Changing Table

I was partial on including the changing table as part of the must-haves or the not-so-needed items. The reason being is: after your baby gets to about 3 months old, you’re most likely going to keep a stack of diapers in the living room and change him/her on a blanket on the floor. That’s what we did anyway. We liked having the changing table for after bath time and in the middle of the night though.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are like tampons. The more you spend on them, the higher the quality. It not only makes your life easier, but it puts your mind at ease in the middle of the night. We have the Summer Infant baby monitor and it has been a game changer. I have heard a few bad reviews on it, HOWEVER we love it and it has worked amazing for us. If I had to recommend a second monitor, I’ve heard great things about the Infant Optics DXR monitor.

Baby Carrier

Choosing a baby carrier is tough. There are so many on the market that it’s hard to narrow down which brand to include on your registry. When looking for a carrier, I looked for ease of access. For example: Is it easy to assemble? Is it easy to attach? How long does it take to put on? When our first born was an infant we really liked the comfort of the Boba Wrap. She was able to snuggle in tight on my chest and the wrap made for a natural hold. As she got older, we loved the Ergobaby. I was able to hold her close, but it had lots of support as she grew.

Nursing Pillow

At our baby shower, we received two different brands of nursing pillows. First, was the Boppy, of course. Second, was this one – the My Breast Friend. We alternated using both, but I ended up using the Boppy a little bit more since it had more cushion and didn’t wrap around my back.

Baby Swing

Don’t try to get by without a swing, just don’t do it. We didn’t put ours together right away and we wished we would’ve had it ready. The swing is so soothing to your newborn. This one is extremely customizable and has multiple different settings to soothe your baby and make it comforting for them, no matter what they’re feeling.

Rock n’ Play Sleeper

Not going to lie, our first born spent most of her time in this Rock n’ Play. Highly HIGHLY (did I say highly?) recommend this. We even used it in place of a bassinet! Trust me, it’s a miracle product and we couldn’t have gotten by the newborn/infant stage without it. Deklyn liked it so much that my mom went out and purchased one to keep at her house.

Diaper Bag

Since my husband was deadset on having a diaper bag that was “cool” and “manly,” we settled on this solid black DadGear backpack diaper bag. I was a little bummed that he wasn’t on board to get my choice of this pretty printed bag, but it turned out to work well when switching between the two of us. The bottom front pocket is an opening for wipes and the side pockets work well for bottles. My favorite part about this bag is all of the different sized pockets! It was incredibly easy to find what we were looking for when we needed it.


Babies catch everything under the sun, especially if someone in the house is ill. Make sure to keep a thermometer handy for when you need it. We have this one, which is an electric clinical thermometer with the option of checking your baby’s temperature by ear or by placing up to the forehead. I usually check both just because.

Breast Pump

If you plan on breastfeeding, invest in a good breast pump. I really LOVE the Medela Pump in Style. It comes with a removable pump and separate bag for all of the parts. It’s convenient, especially if you’re a working mom and need to take everything with you everyday. Just make sure that if you are breastfeeding that you bite the bullet and purchase a good pump.

Swaddle Wraps

These are lifesavers! For the first couple of months, your newborn is still adjusting to being out in the world. Newborns are generally comforted by feeling secure with their limbs tight against their bodies, like they were positioned in the womb. These swaddle wraps are A-Mazing for helping your baby adjust! I can’t say enough good things about them. Just please be careful not to leave your baby unattended when wrapped in their swaddle. The only downside is that they can be very dangerous, if left unattended.


Our first born loved these Dr. Brown’s bottles. Their features help reduce things like colic. I loved them because they worked well with breastfeeding. The tube in the middle of the bottle is a vent system to help reduce the amount of air your baby sucks in while drinking.


Alright so here’s the deal with our diapering situation from our first child to our second. We are actually testing out cloth diapers this time around. These ones here. I’ve heard awesome things from mamas about their cloth diaper experience, despite the popular opinion. Here are the cloth diapers we purchased this time around. Otherwise, if you’re using disposable, I think I have literally tried every brand of diaper. My favorite and my suggestion to all – go with Pampers. They are WELL worth it. On Amazon, you can also subscribe and save 20% off all diapers and they arrive right at your door.

Bumbo Seat

I would highly recommend putting one of these Bumbo seats on your registry. We have this one here and we used it frequently for our first born, so I can’t imagine not using it as much for our second. Quite honestly, you don’t need a high chair that’s going to take up tons of space. When your child gets old enough to sit at the table with you, you can hook the Bumbo seat up to a chair!

Bottle Warmer

Even if you plan on breastfeeding, at some point when you go back to work or want to drop your baby off at daycare to run errands, or whatever it is, you’ll most likely start your baby on a bottle. A bottle warmer saves you time and the headache of trying to warm your baby’s bottle. The one we got was fairly inexpensive and works great for us!

What are your baby registry must-haves?!

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