Heading to the hospital to meet your sweet little bundle is one of the most exciting times of your life. You’ll feel all sorts of emotions including a whole lot of “The Uncertain.” One of the most important things to have ready before that time comes is figuring out what to pack in your hospital bag – for you, your baby, and your significant other!

I think it’s especially hard for a first-time mama because you don’t know what to expect, so you aren’t sure what to pack… or better yet, what to leave at home. I remember packing and repacking my bag multiple times because I thought I had everything, then I had too much, then I had too little, then… I had absolutely no idea how/what to pack.

The next time around, I know exactly what to pack. So, I want to help YOU be as prepared as possible when heading off to the hospital to meet your little bundle of joy. Let’s face it – nobody wants to be unprepared in this situation. Like, ever.

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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

For Mama:

The most important thing to keep in mind for post labor hours is to bring clothing that will keep you comfortable. I couldn’t imagine not having some good yoga pants or a fuzzy smooth robe. And, I’m not even kidding, you’re going to want to make sure you bring some granny panties. I know, I know. But, they’re an essential. A lot of articles I read prior to heading off to the hospital didn’t suggest anything like a breast hot/cold pack OR nursing pads. I suggest packing them both. The ice packs will save your life, but most of the time, hospitals will supply them for you.

Robe. Flipflops. Slippers. Nursing Bra. 2 Nursing Tanks. Nursing Pads. Nipple Cream. Breast hot/cold pack. Breast Pump (just in case). Comfortable, flowy top. Pajama/yoga pants. Granny Panties. Pads. Camera. Phone/phone charger. Insurance card. Photo ID. Snacks. Make up. Toiletries – I brought the following: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face lotion, face wash, body wash, hair ties, and brush.

A few PRO packing tips: I put most of my toiletries in a small bag so that if anything leaked, it wouldn’t spill all over our clothes and other necessities packed! What I love about this all-in-one bag, was having my make up AND toiletries all in one area! When packing valuables like a camera, wrap it in clothes for optimal protection!

For Baby:

Car Seat. Going home outfit. 2 Onesies. Swaddle Blanket. Baby Blanket. Nursing Pillow. Diapers. Wipes. Diaper rash cream. Zip-up Sleepers. Newborn Hat/mittens. Pacifier.

During this part of the packing, don’t OVERpack. It’s easy to overthink, but you don’t need much more than what I mentioned above. Your baby is going to sleep quite a bit in the hospital so pack as minimally as possible. The swaddle blankets were my favorite item to bring. Your newborn is going to naturally crave tightness when sleeping since they’re used to being cuddled up in your womb!

This sounds a little funny, but the nursing pillow helps in two ways: 1. Obviously, staying as comfortable as possible while breastfeeding your baby. 2. Sitting on during the ride home.

When we were on our way home from the hospital, the worst pain I felt post-labor was the hard, rough bumps on the uncomfortable car seat. I finally felt relief when I took our boppy nursing pillow and put it under my bum.

For Daddy:

I would definitely make sure your significant other has some sort of water bottle and more than a few snacks packed. Hospitals don’t feed you during labor (eeeeek) and your nurses aren’t generally paying attention to anyone else but you in the room. So, make sure he’s prepared for long hours. Have a comfy outfit packed for him too!

Here is your FREE Hospital Bag Checklist Printable! This list helped me incredibly when finally packing for the hospital; I hope it helps you the same!

What did you pack in your hospital bag that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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