Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for him, but have NO CLUE what to get? I’m with you girl. I have such a hard time finding gifts that my husband will like. We’ve been together for over 6 years, so if you’re having trouble, don’t worry, I still do too.

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that are dreaded by many, including the people in relationships or married. It’s a cliche holiday that means nothing more than showing love for and recognizing your significant other. (Something that I believe you should do every other day of the year anyway). So you could say I’m “one of those” – someone who dreads this holiday, but still feels the need to purchase a gift for my hubby.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him - when you don't know what to buy | www.mamabearbliss.com

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

North Face Jacket My husband has one North Face jacket that he wears almost everywhere. It’s light, versatile, and can be worn all year round. If he wears something like this consistently, why not get another. Maybe in a different color?

Fitbit – I purchase this Fitbit Alta HR for my hubby for his birthday a little over a month ago. He loves it! He wears it every day and it’s pretty useful since his job is active. I would recommend this for your significant other over and over, as much as my hubby loves his Fitbit.

New Running Shoes – Can a guy ever have too many shoes? I think the answer is no. I’ve learned over the years that a guy will out purchase a woman any day with shoes. Uncontested.

Cologne – Because we want him to smell good. I’d have to say purchasing cologne for him is more for us than it is for them. Not sorry. I really like the smell of this Versace cologne.

Phone Case – My hubby just got a super cute phone case from Shutterfly. We customized it, but there’s tons available on amazon. Here’s a similar one he purchased a few months ago that he absolutely loved. This one has a secret flap to store your credit cards.

Watch – If you haven’t read my post on my hubby’s JORD Wood Watch, I highly recommend it. He LOVED it for Father’s Day last year, especially since we had it engraved. There’s a picture below of my husband’s JORD watch. A few years ago for Christmas, I got him this Armani Exchange watch that he wears on special occasions.

JORD Wood Watch: A Unique Engraved Gift for Father's Day - Mama Bear Bliss | www.mamabearbliss.com

Hair Gel GAH. I swear my husband cares more about his hair than I do mine. Get the hair gel, he’ll love you long time.

Loafer Slippers – I think slippers are just nice to have around. We both like to slip ours on right away in the morning and it gives more comfort than wearing only socks.

New Hat – Hats for days, ladies. Remember how I said a man can never have too many shoes? That goes for hats, too. I swear my husband’s whole top shelf in his closet is full of hats.

Yeti Cooler If you’ve got a country boy or outdoorsman on your hands, this Yeti Cooler will be used plenty. I really like that the Yeti Cooler keeps stuff cold for over 12 hours. It honestly does not compare to a regular cooler.

Utility Knife – OK, maybe it’s just my husband, but isn’t every guy obsessed with having a million utility knives? I have to say, it comes in handy with all the packages I get in the mail these days. 🙂

What are your favorite gift ideas for men when you have NO clue what to get him? I’d love to have more ideas!


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