Infants and toddlers are among the most curious people. I swear my daughter is on another level with her curiosity, or maybe I’m just a new mom and not realizing that a curious infant shoving random things in her mouth 24 freaking 7 is inevitable. Either way, small children have minds of their own – I didn’t realize how true this was until I had a baby of my own (even though I’ve babysat for over half of my life).

So, I’m going to just ramble and chat about our funny week in this post. It will equally make your jaw drop and give you a chuckle.

Deklyn Paige1

If you’re a first time reader – I have an almost 9 month-old; she’s a mixture of Curious George and Lightning McQueen right now. I’m not exaggerating, it’s every. single. time. that I think to myself, “OK, she’s just looking. She won’t really, oh yep, she did. Alright, she probably won’t, OK we better relocate you. She won’t shove her fingers in a… *SNAP* …MOUSE TRAP?!?!

When I heard the *SNAP* I nearly jumped out of the clothes I was wearing. I sit down for 30 seconds – Deklyn has already crawled to Minnesota and back. This kid is fast. And she’s devious. But to answer your question, no her finger didn’t break and yes, we both screamed bloody murder.

Last week, I caught her gagging on something around the corner from where I was sitting. So, like any other mom, I freaked out and jumped ten feet in the air out of the recliner. WHAT is in your mouth and WHY did you put it there?! I proceeded to pat her back when I suddenly realized she was CHOKING. I flipped her around and performed a few rounds of infant CPR – not working. I felt around her tongue with my index finger and instantly knew what the object was – a tiny black rubber band from my sister’s bracelet-making collection. And it was sitting on the back of her tongue, not wedged down her throat. So THANKFULLY, I was able to grab it and pull it out of her mouth quickly. I’d try to explain the emotions running through me within that minute, but I don’t know if I could put it into words and keep this post somewhat short.

Last week – gagging on a rubber band, this week – getting her thumb clamped by a mouse trap. I’ll be sleeping with one eye open when she’s a teenager, believe me.

Deklyn Paige

One day last week, my mom offered to take Deklyn for the day so I could get some wedding stuff done. After we picked her up and brought her home that night, she began getting restless, so we figured we would start her bedtime routine a few minutes early. Come to find out (right before making a bottle and at the peak of her irritation) – we forgot her formula at my parents house and did not have extra this time. I always keep more than one container in the cupboard.

My first thought? I should’ve kept breastfeeding. (I can talk more about breastfeeding, the struggles, the pros/cons, and my experience – if that sounds interesting!) So, that night was an adventure on its own.

Aside from the parenting portion of my week, we kept getting slips from the post office in the mail stating we needed to clear a few issues up with them. What in the world would the post office need to talk to us about?! 

We ended up putting improper sized postage stamps on the RSVP’s and owed postage. The postmaster also stated some lost RSVP’s may be floating around at different post offices if they decide not to forward them to Plain. This was my worst nightmare about RSVP’s. I’m praying they will make their way back to us. For now, I have a few trips to the post office per week to happily pick up the RSVP’s and owe the correct amount of postage. Yay for small mistakes that are actually pretty significant. 🙂

Another big event – I randomly looked down at my ring last Sunday and noticed ANOTHER diamond missing. This is the third in one year. The jeweler is attempting to get the missing diamond into the ring a week before our wedding. I think in that moment I developed a little bit of anxiety haha. Needless to say, I was a tad upset.

Oh and Deklyn is teething, I’m almost positive three teeth are trying to push through. She has absolutely zero interest in playing with her toys and enjoys slapping, stepping, and putting all of her weight on my laptop. She’s been throwing more fits for me lately (nobody else). AND… she will NOT sleep in her crib, or sleep at all for that matter, without needing some sort of contact from Bryce or I.


That’s fine with me though. When I’m sick I like to be babied, cuddled, pampered, and waited on. Think about it like this, do you want to do much when you’re sick? Probably not. Do you want to be walking around, happy as pie, and off the couch/out of the recliner? HECK no. So, I’m letting her have the best of me during this time of teething and a cold occupying her nose. I mean, let’s be real, what other time will she want to cuddle me? 😉

On a side note, my soon-to-be hubby noticed I was flustered and stressed, so he snuck $100 into my wallet and told me to “get your hair done or something.” It made me giggle and it made him feel good, a win-win for both of us. Not only that, but I got home a few days later with a note and a new straightener sitting beautifully on the end of the bed with a cute little note. He must love me a teeny bit. 🙂


As always, I’m embracing the crazy and hectic attitudes of some weeks. My baby will not always be little, won’t always want my attention or affection – I need to soak it up when I’m given the chance. If life wasn’t crazy busy, I’d probably be complaining that I’m bored. I don’t think I’ll say I’m bored again now that I’m a mom, however. When your baby is sick, cuddle them, love them. You most likely want the same when you’re not feeling well. When you don’t get a lot of sleep, nap during the day, make a cup of that amazing drink we call coffee. When you least expect it, your soon-to-be hubby may buy you new hair and a new straightener. 🙂 Life is crazy right now, but it won’t always be. Embrace every stage of your life.

Enjoy your week, friends! Don’t forget to smile and laugh at the madness of life!


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